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LudeSPEED Performance
Subaru RS 2.5 Turbokit


I am now taking orders for Impreza turbo kits. If you have been to this site recently, I am sure that you read the message that I was not taking orders due to being backed up. I was also trying to work out a few issues with the kits. Please read on and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is:

I have resolved several issues that were causing delays with previous orders. ALL but one kit have gone out. I am now trying to get setup to produce and sell more kits. The goal is to make the kits fit as perfect as possible. I have been able to target the fitment problems with the current kit parts. There are also a few other concerns as well.

The areas of concern are:

** Intercooler quality
** Intercooler -to- firewall clearance
** Air filter pipe fitment
** Downpipe clearance issue
** Turbo support bracket holes not lined up
** Oil return flange -to- turbo clearance


To make the intercoolers up to this point, I would order cores from Cartech Racing. Since I was working on a group buy, I bought 9 cores at once. When they arrived, I was immediately dissapointed in the quality of the core itself. It was made from super heavy, ugly extruded pieces that were welded end to end to make the up the desired width. Then I took the cores to my local welding shop to have them assembled. I provided the pipe outlets and BOV flanges. I made a detailed drawing of how I wanted them put together and asked them to weld up the assemblies. I made a point of telling him that they were going to be sold as aftermarket performance parts and they should be neat and the welds should be as 'pretty' as possible. When I picked them up, they looked like crap. The welds were wide and sloppy. The endtanks had welds running the entire length instead of being made from one piece of aluminum and bent and then welded to the core. I tried to clean them up as much as I could but they were still pretty much nasty.
On top of being less than special, the cores took many weeks to get to me because Cartech gets them from another dealer. This added to the frustration associated with the intercoolers up to this point.

To avoid any issues with future intercoolers, I have decided to get complete intercooler assemblies directly from Spearco. As most people know, Spearco cores are unmatched in quality and Spearco does a fantastic job of welding them together. The assemblies will be similar to the units that came in the Minnam kits but with some needed changes. For one, there will be a larger endtank on the motor side of the unit for increased airflow. I realize that will make the intercoolers fit very close to the firewall. However, I have taken that into account. The other intercoolers were even larger and I was able to get them to fit without them hitting the firewall by keeping the silicone connector to the thorttle body as short as possible. Unfortunately, the kits that I shipped out had connectors that were a little too long and some people had clearance problems. All future kits will have proper sized silicone connectors and s 'rubber snubber' that will be mounted under the top tank to support the weight of the IC.
With all the changes, I am confident that the new intercoolers will be top notch. Sourcing them from Spearco will also ensure that they get here within an acceptable amount of time.

To fix the few remaining fitment issues, I am working with another local RS owner who is going to be purchasing a complete kit. He has agreed to let me use the car for a couple days to work out all fitment problems. He is scheduled to come by on Aug 25 to get this done. IMMEDIATELY following the install of his kit, I will be producing kits again with the newly configured parts (hopefully I will have some orders to fill). As an incentive to place an order soon, I will lower the price by $300 if you order one before Sept 15. Please be aware that if you order your kit between Aug 15 & Sept 15, the delivery will take until Sept 30 because of the new parts that I have to get made. If you are planning on ordering at the special price, please be sure to mention it in your message when you email me.

If you are in the market for a kit but have not decided on a particular brand, I invite you to go to the forums on the largest Subaru website, the i-Club a do a search for 'LudeSPEED' to find out what people are saying about my turbo kit. I will admit there are going to be a few issues that are brought up, but that is going to be the case will all kits. But the overall opinion is that the kit is of good quality. And please remember that the issues that are brought up are being addressed for all future kits.

MANY thanks go to Ricky for his involvement in the initial R&D process for the first generation kits. His car made made it possible to produce the 17 kits that have already been made.

Thanks for checking into the LudeSPEED Impreza turbokit. I hope to do business with you in the future,

For details on the turbokit, please CLICK HERE