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Some items have been changed since the first batch of kit. There were a few small problem areas that required some small but important changes:

The areas of concern were:
** Intercooler quality
** Intercooler -to- firewall clearance
** Air filter pipe fitment
** Downpipe clearance issue
** Turbo support bracket holes not lined up
** Oil return flange -to- turbo clearance
** A few oil pan return tubes leaked

The intercooler quality issue has been solved by sourcing the complete intercooler assembly directly from Spearco. Spearco has possibly the best cores available, and their quality of welding is superb. I also had them make the endtank on the motor side of the intercooler a little smaller to allow for more firewall clearance. This change was the most significant since the intercooler is the focal point when the hood is opened. The new intercoolers are top notch. A picture of one of the new intercoolers is pictured below

Air filter pipe fitment has been addressed by a few changes as well. The original turbos had a flange that was bolted to the inlet. This flange took up valuable space and caused clearance problems between the filter pipe and the motor. The new T3/T4 turbo has a hose inlet, which takes up less room and allows the filter pipe to fit correctly.

The downpipe clearance issue was addressed with a small design change in the downpipe. It seems that a few people, not all, were having an exhaust rattle that was caused by the downpipe hitting the cross member. The new downpipes sit ˝” lower to provide more clearnance.

The turbo support bracket holes have been enlarged so that they fit properly.

The oil return flanges are now tested to make sure they will clear all parts of the turbo. Before, if you tried to ‘clock’ the turbo, one of the compressor bolts would interfere with the oil return flange.

All oil pans are now leak tested before being painted and packed.

Copyright © Tom Coleman, 2001