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Stage II shares all components with the Stage I kit with the addition of a few special parts. The Stage II kit is designed with the intention of running 5-7psi on a daily basis and will produce enough power to run mid-13 second ETs in the mile.*


Along with all the standard parts that are provided in the Stage I kit, the Stage II kit gets the following parts:

Intercooler - OEM Style 3.5 x 6 x 18.5 Top-Mount Intercooler manufactured by SPEARCO

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Walbro Fuel Pump In tank high flow/high volume fuel pump is a direct replacement for the stock unit. This pumps flows 255 liters/hr and is one of the most popular aftermarket pumps available. 5-7 psi Deltagate Wastegate Spring Blitz BOV

*An aftermarket clutch and free flowing exhaust are needed to make the car perform as expected.

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