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Thank you for looking into the LudeSPEED turbokits that are available for the 98-02 Impreza RS 2.5 & all other 94-02 Imprezas.

The LudeSPEED turbokits are a low cost solution for people that have been bitten by the ‘Boost Bug’. These are not top end kits where the ultimate goal is to run 15psi to make 400HP while breaking the car’s expensive drivetrain parts. These kits are simple and effective. They were designed with the daily driver in mind. The daily driver that wants quick spooling turbos that offer instant response for those coveted, spontaneous ‘drive home races’. As for red light races, AWD turbo says ‘See-yaaaaaa’!

The LudeSPEED turbo does provide power. The very first prototype Stage II kit was run on a MY01 with a stock clutch and stock exhaust. The results were a 14.48 ET @92MPH. at 4.5psi. The addition of a 2.5 inch exhaust and an ACT clutch netted a 13.6 ET @99MPH at 8psi.

These kits can be installed by enthusiasts with moderate mechanical experience. If you can change a clutch, you can install this kit. If you can’t change your clutch, you might want get help from a friend who can or have a professional shop do the install. The reason that I mention the clutch is because if you run more than 3psi, you will need a stronger aftermarket clutch. Subaru did not have the power that is created by a turbo system in mind when they designed the clutch, so it fails quite easily when power is applied.

Kit fitment on other Imprezas other than the 98-01 RS
I recently went to a Subaru meet in Florida. I had the chance to look under the hoods of several different Subarus. One thing is for sure, they are all VERY similar. I was looking for the various parts that might be in the way if I were to install a standard RS turbo kit on those cars.

These are the cars that I looked at and what I think the compatability is:

2002 Impreza RS 2.5 - I think it will bolt up to everything except possibly the stock exhaust pipe. Everything else looks pretty good

2001 Legacy 2.5 5spd - Same results as the '02 RS

All years Impreza 2.2 - Same results. I think it will fit.

There weren't any Outbacks there, but I am sure that the situation is the same. I do not want to claim that the kits fit until I know for sure. So if you own one of these cars or a Forestor and are willling to bring the car to me or take a change on installing the kit, I am all for it. If you buy a kit and it doesn't fit, I'll buy it back. But I do prefer that the car be brought here. I am offering free installation services for the test fit car.

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