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phone: 386-956-0089

A complete bolt-on turbokit will be available for the 93-97 Ford Probe Gt very soon. As of now, the prototype kit has been competed on the PGT pictured below.

Right now, I can only offer non-intercooled kits for the 96,96 PGT. This is because the 93-95 factory exhaust manifolds are different from the 96-97 manifolds. Also, the test car had a Shogun front bumper, so the intercooler piping might not fit cars with the factory bumper.
I am going to have a 94 PGT here to do the pipe fitting for the 93-95 manifolds as well as intercooler piping for cars with the factory front bumper. This should take place by 12/1/01. I will also be offering a kit that will be compatible with a quality aftermarket equal length header such as the Bosal, Brospees or Hot Shot. The brand has not been determined yet.

The price for the complete intercooled kit will be between $3000 and $3500.

The pictures below show the completed prototype kit installed on the 96 test car.

He did get 2 runs at the track. He is still running the stock exhaust and only 5psi, has 18" wheels and it was spinning all of 1st gear. He ran a 14.5 ET @ 99MPH!! Not too bad. The potential for low 13's is DEFINITELY there.

Also keep in mind that the intercooler he decided on is a Starion unit. The intercooler that comes with the kit will be a Spearco unit.