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I do not currently have any products for the Nissam Maxima. However, I have visited the Maxima.ORG web board to see what the interest would be among Maxima owners. I did receive good feedback and there was genuine interest. So hopefully not too long after the New Year, I will be able to get a Maxima in here to develop a COMPLETE BOLT ON TURBOKIT.

The projected price for this complete intercooled kit is $3500. Projected output is an 80% gain in HP at 8psi. This seems to be the normal gain for efficient Japanese 4 valve per cylinder motors at that boost level. The Maxima might realize more because it is a VERY volumetric efficient motor.

Please check back for updates and visit the Maxima.ORG web board as I will be posting there when Iam ready to do a kit.

Copyright Tom Coleman, 2001